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South Baldwin Podiatry offers a wide-ranging selection of services in one convenient location:



  • Adult and Pediatric Podiatry

  • Reconstructive Surgery

  • Diabetic Limb Salvage

  • Diagnostics

  • Sports Medicine


From Athlete’s Foot to Bunions,

Hammertoes, and Heel Pain, Dr. Gibson offers

sophisticated diagnostics and a variety of treatments

to address your concerns.

Please call for appointment.


(251) 943.3668



We look forward to giving life back to our patients.  Whether you are experiencing heel, arch, or toe pain, or most kinds of foot problems, South Baldwin Podiatry provides the highest quality care you need. 


Dr. Gibson will meet with you, explain the nature of your foot pain problem, and provide a unique and customized care plan made especially for your feet.  Whether you need a custom made orthotic (for arch support), wound therapy, or specific shoes for your needs, South Baldwin Podiatry is here to provide you with the proper support needed for your feet.


Should you have a possible broken bone in your foot, or a slight fracture, we can provide you with same-day results as to whether or not you have a fracture or broken bone, by doing the x-ray examination right here in our office.  Our practice offers comprehensive care for all foot disorders. Whether you have a simple problem that can be corrected in one office visit or you require surgical repair or reconstruction of your foot, you can count on our office to provide the highest standard of care in a caring and friendly environment.



• Comprehensive care of foot disorders

• Surgical correction of foot deformities

• Non-surgical and surgical treatment of athletic injuries

• Biomechanical analysis and functional orthotic fabrication





Some of the common problems we treat are:

• Athletes Foot - Fungus

• Athletic Injuries

• Arch Disorders

• Arthritis

• Bunions

• Burning/Neuropathic Pain

• Diabetic Ulcers & Neuropathy

• Flat Feet

• Fractures & Dislocations

• Gout

• Hammertoes

• Heel Pain - Spurs & Fasciitis

• Neuromas

• Skin Conditions

• Sports Medicine Problems

• Tendonitis

• Trauma

• Ulcers - Chronic Wounds

• Walking Problems

• Warts



"No representation is made about the quality of the podiatric services to be performed or the expertise of the podiatrist performing such services."

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